St. Charles Parish Expansion Project

Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP is proposing to construct the St. Charles Parish Expansion Project for pressure management between its Index 270 and Index 270-94, in order to meet a new customer’s required delivery pressure. Gulf South proposes a new compressor station, approximately 900 feet of 16-inch natural gas pipeline and other auxiliary, appurtenant facilities on Gulf South’s existing 24-inch Index 270 pipeline system in southeast Louisiana (“St. Charles Parish Expansion Project”). The proposed St. Charles Parish Expansion Project will provide 133,333 dekatherms per day of Rate Schedule Enhanced Firm Transportation service to Entergy Louisiana, LLC’s (“Entergy Louisiana”) proposed 980 megawatt natural gas-fired combined cycle electric generating unit to be located near Montz, Louisiana.

In order to provide the natural gas pipeline service to Entergy Louisiana, Gulf South proposes to construct the St. Charles Parish Expansion Project which will consist of a new 5,000 horsepower compressor station, including gas cooling, yard and station piping, and auxiliary, ancillary facilities, and approximately 900 feet of new 16-inch diameter natural gas pipeline, and various auxiliary, ancillary facilities all located in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana.

Docket # CP16-478-000