Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP (“Gulf South”) identifies and evaluates various growth projects in order to improve the services we provide to our customers; improve the reliability of our pipeline system; and respect the demands and needs of the communities and natural environment affected by our company’s growth. 

Gulf South’s expansion projects are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which is the lead regulatory agency responsible for overseeing the U.S. interstate natural gas pipeline industry.  Visit our Environmental Compliance and Public Participation pages for more information on FERC and how to participate in their project review process.

We make safety a top priority during our project design and construction phases.  Visit our Project Safety page for information on the specific procedures, tools, and programs we implement to ensure the construction and operation of our pipeline system are conducted safely.  Additionally, a major component of our project planning and execution is landowner and community engagement and inclusion.  Transparency allows us to successfully communicate and build a relationship with those interested and involved in our project process.  We’ve provided a Frequently Asked Questions page for landowners to address any concerns that may arise during one of our projects, as well as a Community page to outline ways in which we have committed to give-back in the areas in which we operate.

Currently, Gulf South has the following active projects:

  • Willis Lateral Expansion Project
    • Pipeline and compressor station project in Montgomery, San Jacinto, and Polk counties Texas to provide natural gas transportation service to growing customer base in Southeast Texas, including Entergy Texas, Inc.’s Montgomery County Power Station
  • Petal III Compression Project
    • Compression project in Forrest County, Mississippi to enhance operational flexibility, continue to provide reliable natural gas storage service, and potentially increase the number of injection and withdrawal cycles to satisfy the needs of new customers desiring service from the Petal Complex facilities
  • Index 99 Expansion Project
    • Pipeline project in San Augustine and Sabine counties, Texas to provide new transportation outlets to accommodate growing natural gas production in the Haynesville and Bossier areas of East Texas   
  • Lamar County Expansion Project
    • Pipeline and compressor station project in Lamar and Forrest counties, Mississippi to provide natural gas transportation service to Cooperative Energy's Plant Morrow Power Station