Public Participation

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) makes all public documents related to a proposed project available through FERC's eLibrary website. These documents include all public correspondence from us, FERC, landowners, and stakeholders. Documents are posted soon after being received at FERC.

To perform a search in FERC’s eLibrary (

  • Select "General Search" from the main page of the eLibrary site
  • Update the date range field, if appropriate
  • Insert the certificate proceeding (“CP__-___”) docket number assigned to the project in the “Docket Number” field
  • Alternatively, you can enter project name in the "Text Search" field instead of the docket number

If you need assistance accessing the eLibrary, call the FERC's helpline at (202) 502-6652 or toll-free at (866) 208-3676, or for TeleTYpewriter, contact (202) 502-8659 or click on

You can also use eRegister and eSubscription to keep track of individual proceedings at FERC. Users with an eRegister account may subscribe to specific dockets and receive email notifications when a document is added to the eLibrary for the subscribed docket.

To obtain information about getting involved in the regulatory process or to access guidelines which provide a summary of your rights and the process when dealing with FERC regulated energy project licensing, please visit FERC's Resources. See also FERC's guide, "An Interstate Natural Gas Facility on My Land? - What Do I Need to Know?".  Additional topics of interest and frequently asked questions about the FERC process can be found here.

FERC’s Office of Public Participation

If you are interested in participating in a FERC proceeding, have a question about a FERC proceeding, or want to learn more about FERC and its role as a federal regulatory agency in the energy sector, FERC’s Office of Public Participation (“OPP”) is here to help.

OPP can support you in your efforts to:

  • Understand the industries FERC regulates and the limits of FERC jurisdiction;
  • Find the FERC matter that relates to your concern, by docket number;
  • File a comment, intervene, and participate in a FERC matter;
  • Determine filing deadlines and understand FERC processes; and
  • Find documents filed at FERC and previous FERC decisions.

OPP is helping people use existing FERC filing systems and document libraries and exploring ways to make those systems easier to use. Please reference the contact information below to access the OPP resource.

Telephone: 202-502-6595