Pipelines are usually buried underground. Above ground posts called markers are used to identify the general (not exact) location of a pipe. An underground pipeline right-of-way is the land over the pipeline, and usually extends 25 feet on either side of each pipeline. A pipeline right-of-way is often recognizable as a corridor clear of trees, buildings, or other structures except for pipeline markers. Markers do not show how deep the pipeline is buried or how many lines are in the area. A pipeline right-of-way must be kept free from structures and other obstructions.

Fenced and secured areas with some above-ground piping provide access to valves along the pipeline system. Valves are physically secured and must be only operated by company employees.

If a Boardwalk pipeline crosses your property, do not plant trees or high shrubs on the right-of-way, as this can cause damage to the underground pipeline. Do not dig or store anything within the pipeline right-of-way, without first contacting Boardwalk. Boardwalk personnel will be happy to work with you to mark the exact location of the pipeline, stake the right-of-way, and understand the company's construction guidelines.

Natural gas is a colorless, odorless fuel that is lighter than air. Because natural gas has no odor, local utilities add a harmless odorant to help people smell gas, should a leak occur. Odorant is added only at certain places along the pipeline, however, so you may not be able to detect a leak by smell alone. Instead, listen for a hissing or roaring sound caused by escaping gas, look for either blowing dirt, grass or leaves, dead and discolored vegetation in an otherwise green setting, flames coming from the ground or valves along the pipeline, or steady bubbling in a wet, flooded area.

If you suspect a pipeline leak, big or small, please take the following actions:

  • Call Boardwalk immediately (phone numbers listed below):

    • 1-800-626-1948 for activity on Texas Gas
    • 1-800-850-0051 for activity on Gulf South, Boardwalk Storage Company or Boardwalk Texas Intrastate
    • 1-225-387-0871 or 1-866-574-4483 for activity on Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream
    • 1-844-337-8234 for activity on Boardwalk Petrochemical Pipelines
    • 1-800-850-0051 (Gas) or 1-866-574-4483 (Liquids) for activity on Boardwalk Field Services
  • Avoid open flames.
  • Do not start or restart motor vehicles or electrical equipment near the suspected leak.
  • Do not light a match or other sources of ignition.
  • Leave the vicinity immediately by foot.
  • Turn off and abandon nearby vehicles and equipment.
  • Warn others to stay away from the area.
  • Do not try to put out a natural gas fire.
  • Do not operate any pipeline valves. You may route more gas to the leak.
  • You may also call 911 or your local public safety officials or law enforcement and describe the location and the situation.