We maintain a robust cybersecurity program, which includes the people, processes and technology necessary to continually defend the Company's technology infrastructure against increasingly sophisticated threats. 

 Cybersecurity Statement

Boardwalk recognizes the importance of protecting both our physical assets and our information and operational control systems from threats that could disrupt our business, put our assets at risk or compromise our customer and employee data.   The effective protection of our assets and technology infrastructure is crucial to the reliability of our operations, our ability to serve our customers and the nation’s energy needs and the security of our data. We have a comprehensive strategy to address both physical and cybersecurity threats.

Boardwalk leverages technology and electronic information to conduct its business and to operate its assets safely and reliably.  We have a comprehensive cybersecurity program that aligns with industry practices and recognized standards and guidelines to defend our technology infrastructure against increasingly sophisticated threats.  This includes an incident response plan and a team dedicated to hardening our cybersecurity posture, monitoring our networks, providing training to our employees, and analyzing the evolution of new threats and mitigations.  The program is regularly exercised, reviewed, updated, and vetted through third-party audits, assessments, and tests to validate its effectiveness in reducing or eliminating risk, as well as compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.  

Boardwalk is committed to partnering with federal, state, and local law enforcement and security agencies to form a strong cyber threat feedback loop and participates with other industry peers to proactively share threat and mitigation information, techniques, tactics, and procedures.  

For more information on our cybersecurity program, click here to access our sustainability report.