Over the past three decades, Boardwalk has been focused on reducing methane emissions associated with the transportation and storage of natural gas on our pipeline system.

We go above and beyond the state and federal regulations to minimize methane emissions using a variety of strategies:

  • Replacing older compression equipment with low emission, fuel efficient units.
  • Modifying fuel systems to lower fuel consumption and emissions on key reciprocating compression equipment.
  • Conducting high-tech emissions surveys and performing maintenance and repairs on identified component leaks.
  • Minimizing methane emissions vented to the atmosphere from transmission pipeline blowdowns by using pipeline evacuators.
  • Installing repair sleeves and composite wraps to avoid pipeline blowdowns.
  • Replacing all high bleed natural gas pneumatic devices with low or zero flow bleed devices

Boardwalk also participates in organizations and initiatives that support reducing methane emissions including:


ONE Future
In 2019, Boardwalk joined the ONE Future Coalition, a group of natural gas companies working together to voluntarily reduce methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain with a goal to lower emissions to 1% by 2025. For more information on ONE Future, please visit their website at onefuture.us.


Energy Infrastructure Council
Boardwalk is also a member of the Energy Infrastructure Council which is a non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing the interests of companies that develop and operate energy infrastructure. For more information on the Energy Infrastructure Council, please visit their website at eic.energy.


INGAA Methane Emissions Commitments
Boardwalk also adheres to the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America’s Methane Emissions Commitments aimed at continuously improving practices to minimize methane emissions from interstate natural gas transmission and storage operations in a prudent and environmentally responsible manner. For more information on INGAA, please visit their website at ingaa.org.