Safety is a core value for Boardwalk, guiding daily tasks and projects at every level of the organization. The company is committed to operating its assets in a safe, reliable, and compliant manner while providing the highest level of customer service.

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At Boardwalk, safety is an integral part of our Core Values. Our goal is to ensure that every employee and third-party contractor goes home safely every day.

  • Boardwalk’s Stop Work Authority gives all personnel the authority to speak up and initiate a stop work intervention.
  • Front line supervisors utilize a ‘Person in Charge’ safety checklist to outline the job plan steps and the associated potential hazards and risks.
  • Boardwalk has a proactive Near Miss reporting program for employees to submit the details of a discovered condition or situation.
  • Boardwalk’s active safety training program includes a variety of topics provided through instructor-led and online learning.
  • Boardwalk complies with all PHMSA Regulations, including an Integrity Management plan under which Boardwalk employs multiple assessment methods, including high resolution inspection tools, to verify the integrity of its pipeline facilities.


Ethics and Integrity

Boardwalk is committed to maintaining high standards for honest and ethical conduct and expects employees and third parties to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

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  • Boardwalk maintains a culture of diversity and inclusion and upholds disciplined employment practices to cultivate a diverse workforce that treats one another with dignity and respect.
  • Boardwalk uses a centralized list of approved vendors to ensure purchase of materials and equipment are from sources that meet Boardwalk’s standards for safe and reliable operations.
  • Boardwalk audits contractors to develop a safety score that allows Boardwalk to measure its vendors’ performance against an industry average safety score.


Environmental Stewardship

Boardwalk is committed to responsible environmental stewardship while working to meet the nation’s diverse energy needs.

  • Boardwalk engages with a variety of public and private stakeholders to understand the potential environmental impacts of a project and minimize or avoid these through facility planning and design.
  • Boardwalk participates in land development programs governed by a variety of federal and state laws that seek to minimize biodiversity impacts.
  • Boardwalk seeks to utilize non-conventional and less disruptive construction methods to avoid direct impacts to rare or sensitive resources or land uses.
  • Boardwalk is focused on managing GHG emissions responsibly and strives to lower lost and unaccounted-for gas.
  • Boardwalk deploys several waste and water management programs to minimize the generation of hazardous waste at its operating facilities.


Human Rights & Community Engagement

Boardwalk’s philanthropic efforts are designed to generate both positive community goodwill and internal cultural alignment. The program – Partnering with Communities – integrates employee volunteerism and corporate financial support.

  • Boardwalk is focused on impactful, signature philanthropic initiatives in education, health and fitness, community enrichment, and employee giving and volunteerism.
  • Boardwalk matches eligible employee donations to charities of their choosing.
  • Boardwalk sponsors a scholarship program for qualifying students who attend any high school located near its pipeline right-of-way.
  • Boardwalk’s education grant program advances educational opportunities for local elementary and middle schools located on property where Boardwalk operates its pipeline systems.