Natural Gas

Texas Gas Transmission, LLC is an interstate natural gas pipeline that provides transportation and storage services. Texas Gas transports natural gas from supply areas at both the northern and southern ends of its system, including the Fayetteville, Marcellus, and Utica shale plays; other basins via third-party pipelines; and Gulf South’s Perryville Exchange. Deliveries are made to both on-system and off-system markets primarily in the Midwestern and South Central United States.

Gulf South Pipeline Company, LLC is a network of interstate natural gas pipelines that provides transportation and storage services. Gulf South transports natural gas directly from the Barnett, Eagle Ford, and Haynesville, SCOOP/STACK, and Woodford shale plays, and indirectly from other basins via third-party pipelines and the Perryville Exchange. Deliveries are transported to both on-system and off-system markets in the Gulf Coast area, as well as to off-system markets in the South Central, Midwestern, and Southeastern United States.

Boardwalk Storage Company, LLC owns and operates natural gas storage facilities at the Choctaw Hub in the Mississippi River Corridor. This salt-dome cavern facility is located northeast of Henry Hub, one of the largest trading hubs for natural gas in North America.

Boardwalk Texas Intrastate, LLC operates intrastate natural gas pipeline facilities in South Texas.

Boardwalk Louisiana Gas Transmission, LLC is a Hinshaw natural gas pipeline located in the state of Louisiana. BLGT includes many interstate pipeline supply options for end-user markets in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.


Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream, LLC provides transportation and storage services for olefins and natural gas liquids and provides brine supply services for producers and consumers of petrochemicals through two hubs in southern Louisiana: the Choctaw Hub in the Mississippi River Corridor area and the Sulphur Hub in the Lake Charles area.

Boardwalk Petrochemical Pipeline, LLC provides ethylene transportation service between Port Neches, Texas, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with multiple connections that include the BLM Sulphur system and the BLM Choctaw system.